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Benefits Of Acquiring a PMP® Certificate

There are a number of reasons why you should take that simple step in contacting Modern Theory Institute to inquire about the PMP® Certification. Quite simply, acquiring your PMP® Certification has proven to increase job opportunities and advance careers. If you need more reasons than that, here are the key advantages:

1. A PMP® credential will set you apart

The process of obtaining a PMP certification is a hard one that gives you standardized knowledge, with a credential to prove it. When applying for a job, the credential will set you apart from the competition.

2. You’ll be beneficial for your organization

With the certification process comes knowledge. With the PMP® credential you will also receive the know-how of standardized project management practices to support your organization’s growth.

3. A higher salary

A PMP® certified project manager earns more in the long run. According to several studies, the PMP® credential will give you a boost of nearly 20% compared to non-certified project managers.

4. It’s a networking paradise

When you’re working for your PMP® credential, you’ll be put in contact with other people working hard to acquire their own PMP® credential. Modern Theory Institute encourages an environment of collaboration and networking. Moreover, those who will help you pass the exam are people who already hold PMP® certification, so gaining powerful connections are as easy as it gets, all you need to do is nourish and maintain these connections.

5. You will be able to train others

A PMP® credential is highly sought after. If you have the specialized training and knowledge yourself, you will be able to help others by training them.

6. It will help you evaluate team members and potential employees

If you know what to look for and what you should value in a team member, you will be able to form excellent teams and to identify rising starts with ease.

7. You will have greater job opportunities

Just every other professional area, the best project management has opportunities reserved for the most qualified. This often equates to those who are PMP® certified. As a matter of fact, there are roughly 20% more openings for professionals with a PMP® credential.

8. Your projects are going to be more efficient

The PMP® designation gives you the tools and knowledge to improve your projects and to effectively make things work. You will be able to improve efficiency and productivity in your projects.

9. You will gain priceless experience

Our classes include students with diverse experiences. The in-class model provides and opportunity for in-person discussions. This will be a priceless experience that is going to help you through your career.

10. It is a perfect route to switch to a project management career

If you are in another professional area and wish to start working in project management, this credential is going to open the right doors.

11. It is a challenge

Getting that PMP® certificate will not be easy at all, but at the end of the day, it will be an amazing challenge that will boost your self-confidence, knowledge and work experience.

Modern Theory Institute offers a Project Management program geared towards helping candidates qualify and acquire their PMP® certificate. CLICK HERE to view the program outline or contact us at

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