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"The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary."

-Vince Lombardi

Who we are

Modern Theory Institute (MTI) is an Education and Skills Training Center that offers introductory and continuing education opportunities to individuals looking for career advancement and corporate training solutions for businesses.  Our team consists of educators and professionals whose focus is on helping you evolve by learning modern skills for a modern world. 

Our Mission 

Our Mission is to facilitate a safe environment to encourage synergistic sharing of ideas among passionate professionals sharing their skills with dedicated learners in an endeavour to train and evolve our global community by fostering a positive, communal future.   

What we Offer

Modern Theory Institute (MTI) offers education optimizing online, self-paced learning and in-person workshops from our nine locations across Canada.  

We offer both:

1) Stackable, industry specific, micro-certifications are an excellent way to close the skills gap.

2) Training Courses and Workshops allow students and clients to upgrade and learn new skills from sales, team building, digital marketing, and more!



Our Students

Our students include everyone from individuals looking for career growth or looking to learn a new skill for their hobby or new start-up, to businesses looking for corporate training solutions for their teams.

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