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Let us be a Resource for your Job Search and Career Advancement.

TOJobs Fair at the Living Arts Center, Mississauga

Thank you to the many individuals who took the opportunity to visit our booth at the TO Jobs Fair in Mississauga. The TOJobs fair is definitely one of our favorite events to attend. Not only does it give us a great opportunity to meet with hundreds of job candidates, but it also provides us an opportunity to find out about the educational needs of today's job market.

We are lucky to have so many individuals take the time to explain their industry and the type of Global Certifications and Skills Gap Training they require in order to help them get a competitive advantage in their job search and/or advancing their careers.

Global Certifications and Skills Gap Training

Modern Theory Institute is an Education and Skills training center that offers over 50 different globally recognized certifications and skills gap training courses.

Every industry is continuously changing and the need for continuing education is more important than ever. Our courses help you:

1) Validate essential skills that are required in various industries.

2) Learn new skills and stay up to date on current knowledge that is not typically taught in the traditional education system.

3) Makes you more competitive for employment and career advancement.

If you are not currently employed it is always better to tell potential employers that you are currently taking a course to develop your skills or in the process of acquiring a certification. Modern Theory Institute provides you with this option at a much more efficient and affordable cost.

Our Offerings

We are always expanding our product list.

Due to popular demand we are now offering a Project Management Program geared towards helping students qualify and pass the prestigious PMP

Certification Exam.

Click HERE for a complete list of our offerings. If you can't find what you are looking for email us at

Join Our Network

We are always looking for instructors who are passionate about their industry. If you think there is a workshop that is worth offering or you think you can teach any one of our current offerings we'd like to hear from you.

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