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Set Yourself Apart in Your Industry. Get Ahead of the Growing Skills Gap.

As the world moves to a global economy with easier movement of employees and increased competition, there is a technology skills gap that can be felt in almost every country.

The 2017 IT Skills and Salary Report confirms that skills gaps are a global concern. In their survey of 14,300 IT professionals worldwide, more than two-thirds of the IT decision-makers reported a gap between their team’s skill levels and the knowledge required to achieve organizational objectives. The increased need to match employer needs with workforce skills points out the value of certification.

Certification, particularly entry-level certification, helps to build a skilled workforce that meets the needs of local employers and government tech initiatives.

Students: Certification Improves Academic Performance and Builds Confidence

Several studies show that students who earn certification have an increased graduation rate, higher G.P.A., increased post-secondary enrollment and improved confidence. A study by the Florida Career and Professional Education department shows an average G.P.A. of 3.09 for students with certification compared to 2.72 for students without certification. An impressive 97.2% of students with certification graduate compared to 83.9% of students without.

Job Seekers: Certification Makes a Resume Stand Out

Adobe asked current and aspiring digital media professionals about the essentials for launching a successful digital media career. When asked what would make a digital media professional’s resume stand out in lieu of experience, 61% said a demonstrable knowledge of digital design tools and 44% said digital media certifications from a top-tier company. The entire survey field agreed that certifications can help candidates prove their skills to prospective employers.

In a Microsoft Certified Professional survey, 91% of hiring managers said they consider employee certification as a criterion for hiring.

Modern Theory Institute: An Authorized Certification Center

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