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Meet some of our Amazing Graduates!

"View Life as a Continuous Learning Experience."

Our students come from all walks of life. No matter how different they may be, what they have in common, is their passion for continuous learning and personal growth.

Meet some of the people that chose Modern Theory Institute as their source for continuing education. The new knowledge, skills and certifications acquired by these students have set themselves up for more opportunities and greater potential for career growth. We hope that some of these stories will inspire others to continue to learn and evolve during in these ever-changing times.

Svetlana is a student who is supplementing her current education by taking additional courses and certifications to expand her skills and knowledge. She came to us to get certified in ToonBoom. She is looking to enhance her career opportunities and hopefully be able to pursue a career with a production studio.

Aleena completed her Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Exam in Database Fundamentals. The MTA Certifications are a great way to validate essential skills, as well as, launch a career in Information Technology. The Database Fundamentals certification is just one of a long line of MTA certifications that can help individuals enhance their career opportunities and improve professional development.

Darren has been an animator and graphic artist for his entire professional career. Yet he still seeks continuing education opportunities and ways to improve himself. Darren came to Modern Theory Institute to get certified in the animation software ToonBoom. He will be using his newly acquired ToonBoom skills to create new and exciting projects.

Adnan came to Modern Theory Institute looking for training and certifications that would help him improve help him become more employable. He chose to go after his Quickbooks Certification. As he was completing his training, he was hired on a contract basis by a major bank. He is now officially certified and had his employment contract renewed.

Sheena recently moved to Canada from London, England. She has a number of highly coveted #skills but decided that in order for her to fin employment here in Canada, that she needed to add more skills to her resume. She decided to acquire her Microsoft Office Specialist certification in Excel, not only to improve her employment opportunities, but also to help her increase her earning potential.

Modern Theory Institute

Modern Theory Institute is a skills training and education center located in Port Credit, Mississauga. We offer a number of workshops and certifications for individuals and small businesses. Contact us at for all your training needs.

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