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Modern Theory Institute - Testimonial

Ibolya Bognar-Almasi, First Graduate of Modern Theory Institute

We couldn’t be more proud as a new business and for our student Ibolya. Ilbolya will always hold a special place in our heart. We were only open for one month when she walked through our doors and took a chance to complete her training with us in AutoCad. After completing her training and challenging the certification exam, she is now a Certified AutoCad User. Not only did she pass her exam with flying colours, she was able to leverage her new certificate for an employment opportunity!

Learn more about Ibolya's story and hear her full testimonial below.

Meet Ibolya, a newcomer to Canada.

Ibolya is a newcomer to Canada who moved here 2 years ago from Hungary. In Hungary she acquired a civil engineering degree and worked in the construction industry.

Why did you seek training?

I realized that I needed to upgrade my skills and I needed to meet all the requirements that industry has.

Why did you choose Modern Theory Institute?

I decided to upgrade my skills but I didn't know where or how to start. So, one day when I went to a job fair in Mississauga with my friends I came across Modern Theory Institute. I was so happy and excited to find the school because they offered me inexpensive classes, very close to my home, and they also offered me options to do the courses in the speed and the schedule that I wanted.

How did taking the AutoCad Course Change your life?

Finally I got an offer (for a job) and I was able to continue my career in civil Engineering. I am sure that this AutoCad knowledge will be helpful. The other thing is that the school advertises that we should never stop studying and we should never stop striving. This is very, very important. During my job search, what I learned is that the industry and the demand is always changing, so if we stop studying, and stop focusing on the demand, and only focus on what we know, we won't be able to succeed. We always have to know what the industry wants us to know.

What is the best part of your experience at MTI?

The best part was that I could do this individually, but another nice potential of the school is that if you have the motivation, if you have the plan to work, the school will give you all the encouragement and all the tools you need. This is very important because sometimes we feel a little bit lost (in our studies), but if you have a little bit of extra (help) and hope, it will be okay. Things will be easier. That is what I learned from this institute. They put their credit in me and really worked hard to assist me. This success is not only my success, but our common success

Thank you Ibolya from Modern Theory Institute

Ibolya’s story is exactly what inspired us to do what we do. The world is constantly evolving and continuing your education is essential to meet the demands of these ever-changing times.

Our goal at Modern Theory Institute is to provide our community with courses and certifications that will help them upgrade their knowledge and increase opportunities for employment and career growth. Contact Modern Theory Institute for more information. 905-990-7600.

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