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How to use the Holidays to Advance your Career

The holiday season is traditionally a good time to relax and unwind, but it can also be a good time to put pedal to the metal and find ways to help advance your career.

Here’s how everyone can make the most of this holiday season to help evolve their careers in 2018:

1. Establish your Network and Strengthen your Connections

The holidays are a great time for networking to advance your career. Take advantage of holiday gatherings to get leads and make connections that may set you up for success in the new year. Low-key and festive, holiday gatherings are some of the best places to learn about openings and possibly see someone you know – or meet someone – who is looking for professional or technical talent.

2. Learn Something New

If you are given downtime during your holidays, maximize it by learning something new. Pick up that book on leadership skills, enhance your knowledge on a specific software, take the opportunity to learn anything that would benefit your career. When you return to work, don't impress your colleagues with a new tan, rather a new set of knowledge and skills that will help your team advance.

3. Reflect and Set Goals for the New Year

The holidays are a great time for reflection. Take a minute to write down your your current career situation and be very specific. Where are you working, what are you doing, what does your typical day look like, and why does this job make you happy?

Next, write down where you want to go from there. Set some goals. Determine some objectives on how to get there. Establish deadlines.

Once you have your perfect situation written down, you will start to see yourself taking the steps that will, slowly but surely, get you there in 2018.

4. Make a Connection with Modern Theory Institute

Our goal at Modern Theory Institute is to help individuals advance their careers with continuing education opportunities. Inquire about a Workshop or Certificate with Modern Theory Institute during this Holiday Season and get 10% off your next enrollment.

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