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ESB Series: Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset


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This is the age of entrepreneurship and its popularity as a career path continues to grow.  Entrepreneurship is the essence of free enterprise and the birth of new businesses gives a market economy its vitality.  Entrepreneurs are driving a revolution that is transforming and renewing economies worldwide.


This module will help individuals develop an entrepreneurial mindset that is essential for anyone who is considering to venture into this field.  




Students will learn:

  1. The Importance of Entrepreneurship

  2. The Risks and rewards of Entrepreneurship (SWOT analysis)

  3. The Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

  4. Idea Generation

  5. Opportunity Recognition


This module is a component of the Entrepreneurial and Small Business (ESB) Series.  Consider taking all three modules which prepare students to write the ESB Certification Exam.  Click Here for details on the full ESB program.


Training Model:





2 weeks; 2 sessions @ 1 session per week

3 hours/session; 6 total hours



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