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Terms and Conditions

This contract is in accordance with the Provincial Laws of Ontario.


By accepting the Terms and Conditions you are agreeing to the following:


Admission Requirements

Students who enrol in a Modern Theory Institute program that requires a prerequisite, will be asked to provide proof of completion via a transcript and/or any other forms of documentation


Modern Theory Institute does not provide any career service support at this time.  This includes, but is not limited to, career advice, job placement, job search training, jobs, etc. 


Modern Theory Institute agrees to supply program to the student upon the terms herein mentioned. Modern Theory Institute may cancel this agreement if the student does not meet the admission requirements of this program before the program begins.


Repeating Courses or Retaking Exams

In the event the student decides to repeat a course or exam, whether it is theory or practical, the cost for repeating any course or exam is as advertised. 


In-class Training


Damage and Injury:

The student shall be held legally and financially responsible for all property damages, injury to other person(s) and unlawful acts committed by the student during his/her stay in Canada. A student who causes damage to property, injury to person(s), or commits unlawful act(s) will result in the immediate cancellation of all services and agreements between the student, his/her parents or legal guardians and Modern Theory Institute and the immediate expulsion of the student from the course program and residence.



The student agrees to participate in school activities, trips and other events. The student, his/her family members and parents do hereby release and agree to save harmless Modern Theory Institute and their respective employees, agents, host families, affiliates, volunteers and others from all claims for loss, damage, injury, death or expense.


Personal Belongings:

The student must clearly place a label on ALL personal belongings and clearly indicate the student's home address, as well as the Modern Theory Institute mailing address and telephone number. Modern Theory Institute does not acknowledge responsibility for lost, delayed, damaged or stolen personal belongings.


Medical Accident and Health Insurance:

Is required to be purchased for all international students. The student and/or parent and/or legal guardian agree to accept full responsibility for the deductible portion of the insurance. 



In the event that the student cannot communicate due to injury; the student, parent, and/or legal guardian hereby gives permission to medical professionals to order X-rays, routine tests and treatment.


Students agree to abide by the school rules, regulations and policies at all times.


Cigarettes, drugs and alcohol are strictly forbidden both for staff & students on Modern Theory Institute premises.

Class Schedule:

Scheduled classes and workshops may be subject to change.  Modern Theory Institute will make accommodations to reschedule classes and workshops for students that are affected by these changes.

Rights and Responsibilities

All parties acknowledge and agree that the law governing this entire agreement shall be the law of the Province of Ontario, notwithstanding that this agreement may have been signed and/or finalized outside of the boundaries and jurisdiction of Ontario, Canada. The student and his/her family and/or legal guardian hereby fully understand and agree with the terms & conditions of this registration. All parties acknowledge that facsimile, email and Internet copies of Registration forms will be treated as originals. Modern Theory Institute reserves the right to modify programs, schedules, fees, rules and regulations, terms and conditions, and policies without prior notice.


It is understood that fees are payable in accordance with the fees specified in this agreement and all payments of fees shall become due forthwith upon a statement of accounting being rendered. Modern Theory Institute reserves the right to cancel this agreement if the student does not abide by the terms outlined in the Student Professional Code of Conduct.


Fee Refund Policy

(1) Modern Theory Institute shall refund all of the fees paid by a student under the following circumstances:


a. The agreement is rescinded by a person within two days of payment.

b. Modern Theory Institute discontinues the certificate program before the student completes the program.



a. A full refund is not payable if the discontinuance of the program coincides with Modern Theory Institute ceasing to operate.

b. A full refund is not payable if the user license has been activated.


(3) A refund is not payable unless the student gives Modern Theory Institute a written request for the refund.



Account Termination Policy

Students will be provided with a training period as indicated on their contract that starts as soon as they are given access to their course account.  Students must complete their course within the schedule as indicated on this contract.  Failure to complete the course within the schedule will result in account termination.  Course extensions may be granted, as per the discretion of the course instructor/director. Course extensions maybe subject to a system reaccess fee.   



Student Complaint Procedure

Modern Theory Institute has an administrative procedure in place, which is designed to receive, investigate, and resolve student complaints, whether academic or non-academic. Any student who wishes to make a formal complaint regarding a certificate program, a service of Modern Theory Institute, an employee of Modern Theory Institute, or any other individual or aspect of Modern Theory Institute, must take the following steps:

1. Discuss the problem with the faculty member, staff member, or administrator involved. Direct communication between the two parties usually resolves most of the problems.

2. If informal efforts to resolve the problem are not productive, the complainant should then contact the Campus Director to help in processing the complaint if this becomes the only avenue to resolve the problem.  The complaint must be submitted in writing.  A response will be made to the complainant within 10 working days.

3. No adverse action will be taken against a student for filing a complaint.

4. In the event a student has a complaint about a Certiport related incident beyond the control of Modern Theory Institute, the student will be directed to Certiport Customer Service.


Academic Grievances Appealable by Policy

Student claims that final course grade resulted from:

  1. Unfair or prejudicial treatment by instructor

  2. Technical difficulties affected the student’s ability to complete their certificate program


Academic Grievances not Appealable by Policy 

  • Grades assigned to tests, quizzes, homework, papers, projects or other components of a course.

  • Final grades based on failure to meet published (via syllabus) standards for the course, in which no unusual or prejudicial treatment is claimed.

  • Disciplinary or other student conduct matters not specified covered above.

  • Challenges to the instructor’s, Certiport’s or other academic third party provider’s grading system or components thereof, as long as the system was made available to students at the beginning of the academic term.


Expulsion Policy

The Institute may impose the following sanctions on students who violate the institute rules and regulations.

  1. Probation: verbal or written warning.

  2. Temporary Exclusion: removal for the duration of the session period or of the activity.

  3. Suspension: exclusion from all sessions, workshops, facilities, privileges and activities for a specified period of time as set forth in the notice of suspension.

  4. Expulsion: a decision by the Director to terminate a student's status.


Student disciplinary action may be imposed by:

  1. The Board of Directors who alone may expel.

  2. The Director may immediately impose an interim suspension in all cases in which there is reasonable cause to believe that such an immediate suspension is required in order to protect lives or property. A student placed on interim suspension shall be given prompt notice of charges and, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, may be permitted to return to the institute to resume their studies. During the period of interim suspension, the student shall not, without prior written permission of the Director, enter the college campus other than to attend the hearing. Violation of any condition of the interim suspension shall be grounds for expulsion.

  3. An administrator may temporarily exclude the student from institute sponsored or supervised activity for the duration of the activity.

  4. An instructor may temporarily exclude the student from class for the remainder of the session period.

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