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ESB Series: Entrepreneurial Marketing


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The goal of Marketing is to identify and target customers and their needs.  By doing this, a business may develop the proper communication channels and processes on how they intend to serve these needs.  Marketing spans the boundaries between a company and its customers and no venture can grow and become established without a defined marketing strategy.


This module provides a practical guide for entrepreneurial marketing for those who are interested in starting or managing small or medium size operations.




Students will learn how to:

  1. Identify a Target Market

  2. Understand the Needs of a Customer Segment

  3. Deliver Value to a Customer Segment

  4. Communicate Value to Customers

  5. Attract & Retain Customers


This module is a component of the Entrepreneurial and Small Business (ESB) Series.  Consider taking all three modules which prepare students to write the ESB Certification Exam.  Click Here for details on the full ESB program.


Training Model:





3 weeks@ 1session per week

3 hours per session; 9 total hours



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