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DM Series:  Digital Marketing Foundations


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Digital Marketing management represents the fastest growing new channel for targeted communication, interaction, engagement and delivery of an organizations brand, products, and services.  If you need to improve your digital marketing management skills - which most marketing professionals, consultants, and small business owners do - this course will give you the foundational, strategic, tactical and creative essentials.




Students will learn:

  1. Review of Marketing and Branding Concepts

  2. The difference between traditional forms of marketing vs. digital marketing

  3. Digital marketing terminology

  4. The principles of website development and design

  5. Search engine fundamentals, including organic and paid search traffic

  6. Overview of Social Media Marketing

  7. Overview of Content Marketing

  8. Overview of Email Marketing

  9. Overview of Web analytics and key performance metrics

  10. Understanding the basics of a complete Digital Marketing Strategy


This module is a component of the Digital Marketing (DM) Series.  Consider taking the complete Digital Marketing Program which also prepares students to write the Google Partner Certification Exam.  Click Here for details on the full DM program.


Training Model:




1 session  - 3 hours

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