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Learn Skills, Get Certified, Build Your Resume.

Microsoft Word


Certification Levels: 


1) Microsoft Word - Core

2) Microsoft Word - Expert


Next Available Date:


Continuous Enrollment - AM, PM and EVE classes available




Learn about the fundamentals of word processing, document, and

paragraph and character formatting, working with templates, lists and tables.  Once you have received your formal training on MS Word prove your mastery by earning your Certiport Certification, a great piece for resume building! 


Course Package:


Learning Materials, Facilitation/Instruction, Practice Tests, Certification Exam, Rewrite attempt 




General Outline:

Creating a Document

Editing and Formatting a Document

Creating Form Letters and Mailing Labels

Creating a Multiple-Page Report

Creating Styles, Outlines, Tables, and Tables of Contents

Creating Form Letters and Mailing Labels

Integrating Word with Other Programs and with the

World Wide Web

Customizing Word and Automating Your Work


Detailed Outline:

Microsoft Word - Core

Microsoft Word - Expert


Recommended Training Hours:

Training times vary depending on the student and available training models.


Online and Facilitated eLearning Model:

MS Word Core: 30 hours; 3 hours/day; 1 day/week for 10 weeks

MS Word Expert: 30 hours; 3 hours/day; 1 day/week for 10 weeks


Workshop - Instructor Lead Model:

Varies depending on weekend or weekday workshop



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