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Medical Terminology Online


Who is this course for?


The Medical Terminology course is an excellent refresher course for individuals currently in the healthcare profession.    It is also useful for individuals with a diploma and/or vast experience in administration. Gaining knowledge in Medical Terminology can help enhance your career opportunities by opening doors within the healthcare sector.


Course Description:


Students will develop an understanding of word structure, including root words, suffixes, and prefixes, of commonly used medical terms in the healthcare profession.  This course will also cover topics in anatomy and physiology, directional terminology and health specialties.  


Recommended Training Hours:


60 Total Hours - 10 hours per module 




General Outline


Module 1 - Basic Word Structure

Module 2 - Organization of the Body

Module 3 -  Suffixes

Module 4 - Prefixes

Module 5 - Medical Specialists and Case Reports

Module 6 - Body Systems


Detailed Outline

Medical Terminology - Online



Students will be evaluated with an exam at the end of each module.  The minimum passing grade for achieving your certification is 80%.  Students who do not meet the minimum requirement with will be provided with one rewrite attempt for each exam. 



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