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WIX Training Course



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  • Learn important concepts required to develop a great website.

  • Learn how to use the  Wix platform to develop your website from start to finish

  • Easily maintain Your Wix website & make routine updates

  • Have a website published and live that can also be seen on Google



  1. Website Planning

    • Identifying branding and website concepts

  2. Getting Started with Wix

    • Creating your account

  3. Building Your Wix Website

    • Understanding the platform

    • Understanding the editor

    • Designing the header, footer and menu

    • Background and Section Strips

    • Adding Text (Titles and Paragraphs)

    • Accessing Photos

    • Adding Videos

    • Adding shapes and icons

    • Adding Links, Social Media Link and Buttons

    • Adding Forms

    • Blog

    • Wix Store

    • Wix Bookings

    • Lightbox

    • Creating a Landing Page

    • Apps

    • Mobile Site Creation

  4. Online Marketing and SEO

    • SEO review

    • Page Titles, Descriptions and Keywords

    • Submitting your website search engines

  5. Designing TIPS

    • Design Basics

  6. Web Support

    • Contacting Wix Customer Support

Training Model:



1 session - 3 hours

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*By enrolling into a Modern Theory Institute course, students are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions

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