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Website and Digital Marketing Fundamentals 


This workshop was created to help members of the community in their quest to develop and promote their own website.  Whether you are a small business, jobseeker, blogger, etc., take this workshop to learn the fundamentals of web development.  Also, learn about Digital Marketing techniques intended to promote your website and increase traffic.

The Instructor


Steve Young has extensive experience in developing websites and digital marketing. He currently works as a project analyst for LondonFuse, a  media publication website that generates over thousands of traffic to their page each day.  He has also held roles as a Marketing Manager, Director, and Consultant for various small and large businesses, helping companies transition from a more traditional style of marketing to digital marketing.

Steve Young

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SCHEDULE: Website Fundamentals


0:00  – 0:15             Welcome


0:15  – 0:30             Setting up your website - Platform Options


0:30 – 1:00              The purpose of your website - Gooals vs Objectives


1:00 – 1:45               Digital Marketing- Establishing your understanding


1:45  – 2:00             Break


2:00 –  2:45             Digital Marketing Resources and Platforms


2:45 – 3:00              Digital Marketing Strategy - Set Up, Analyze and Refine






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