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Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  

Learn as if you were to live forever.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Mahatma Gandhi

Our Training Models

Our training models are intended to cater to the learning needs of our students.  Whatever limitations you may have for learning; travel, schedule, motivation; we offer multiple training solutions that can help with your specific needs.


*Note: Some Training Models may only be available to specific courses


Quick and Comprehensive

Classroom Based Learning

Instructor Lead

On Site Testing


Perfect for the student that would like to complete certificates quickly. Our workshops are available on evenings and weekends.  Seats and times are limited, so check our convenient workshop schedule regularly to book the date that fits your schedule.

The workshop model is also perfect for the student that prefers the traditional instructor lead model delivered in a classroom setting.

Facilitated eLearning

Self Directed 

In Class Computer Based Learning 

On Site Facilitator

On Site Testing

Facilitated eLearning

Students learn independently at their own workstation in the presence of a Skills Coach.  The Skills Coach provides program guidance and encouragement.  This model allows students the flexibility of working at their own pace on courses unlike the traditional classroom where students are hampered by the speed of others.  Our learning model supports your learning speed!


Students who choose the Facilitated eLearning model are welcomed on site by our Skills Coach and set up to learn from a number of work stations available in our spacious open learning centre.


Self Directed 

Home Based eLearning

Instructors on call

On or Of Site Testing

Online Courses

This fast growing learning model provides solutions for those who cannot regularly attend classes or prefer to learn on their own.  Facing obstacles such as travel, schedule, family or other barriers, it is easy to become discouraged from investing in yourself.  Our Online Courses exist to eliminate any barriers between students and skills development. 

Students who choose our online option will correspond with instructors via email or chat forums and have the ability to work at the comfort of their own home.

Corporate Training 

Catered training solutions

On or Off Site Training

On or Off Site Testing

Corporate Training

The corporate training option is available to small or large businesses looking for training options for their employees.  We will work with you to develop a catered training solution for your staff. 


Take advantage of our Canada-Ontario Job Grant  Program to fund skills development for your employees.  For more information contact us or CLICK HERE


​We are willing to perform the training off-site at your business location or we can set up training on-site at our facilities.

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