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Understanding the Skills Gap

February 14, 2018

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Don't Waste Your Summer. Stay Productive during your Job Search.


There’s a view in the world of recruitment that from month to month, season to season, the time of year has a huge sway over hiring patterns. A sense that employment in the summer can be marred by fewer roles, high annual leave and slower processes.  Is this notion true? What extent should it dictate how you approach the job market?


Seasonal Trends


Although it may be extremely tempting to put your job search on hold and enjoy the beautiful summertime weather, you may be missing out on the best opportunity to find employment or getting yourself ready when more opportunities come up.  


Global employment agencies indicate that permanent listings across all offices were highest during July and August, proving just how busy it is throughout the summer. Trends continue to rise during the months of September and October.   Listings may slow down during the winter, however, December is the month with the highest conversion rates, as employers seek to finalize their placements before they close for Christmas.   Indeed, contrary to popular belief, the back end of Q4 is a great time to hire or be hired. 


Understanding the Truth


No matter what, it’s highly unlikely that a business’ employment needs will change due to the time of year. Equally, postponing a job search based on the concern that certain periods are quiet could mean missing out on some excellent opportunities. You might even come to the market at the same time as other candidates who have made the same assumption, thus creating more competition for yourself.


Improving your Skills


Opportunities are consistently available across all markets throughout the year, particularly in the summertime and on-wards.  If you are not conducting job searches during the summer, you should at least be dedicating your time improving or acquiring new skills that will allow you to be more competitive in the job market.  


Modern Theory Institute is a Education and Skills Training Center that offers over 50+ Globally Recognized Certifications and Courses that will help job seekers validate and/or acquire new skills.  Our goal is to assist you in your job search by evolving your skills and helping you stand out in this competitive job market.









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