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DM Series: Google Ads


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Google Ads is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platform created by Google to ensure your business is visible on Search Engines and affiliate websites.  This course covers the basics and intermediate aspects of online advertising on Ads.  Students will learn how to use the Search and Display platforms to set up campaigns, as well as to measure and optimise campaign performance.


Knowledge in this course will prepare students to challenge the Google Adwords Certification Exam in Fundamentals, Search and Display.




Part 1: Adwords Fundamentals

  1. Understanding the value of Online Advertising

  2. Setting up an Adwords Campaign

  3. Measuring and Optimizing Performance


Part 2: Google Search Platform

  1. Search Advertising Overview

  2. Set up your Search Network Campaign

  3. Showing your Ads

  4. Determine your Bid and Budget

  5. Manage your Search Network Campaign

  6. Measure your Search Network Campaign

  7. Monitor your Search Network Campaign

  8. Optimize your Search Network Campaign


Part 3: Google Display Platform

  1. Understanding the Google Display Network

  2. Setting up a Display Network Campaign

  3. Showing your Ads on the Display Network

  4. Reaching your Audience on the Display Network

  5. Measuring and Optimizing performance on the Display Network


This module is a component of the Digital Marketing (DM) Series.  Consider taking the complete Digital Marketing Program which also prepares students to write the Google Partner Certification Exam.  Click Here for details on the full DM program.


Training Model:




4 sessions @ 1 session per week

3 hours per session; 12 total hours

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