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Admissions Representative


Job Posting Title:



Job Type:

Contract - Part Time


Job Description:


Admissions Representatives are responsible for recruiting students. They must:

  • Possess excellent communication skills and ability to handle multiple tasks in individual, one-on-one and group environments.

  • Assist in lead generation and follow up

  • Meet with and interview potential students at the campus.

  • Field and execute inbound/outbound phone and internet inquiries.

  • Be informative and build the value of skills training and continuing education while qualifying students for entrance who will be SUCCESSFUL GRADUATES.

  • Discuss outcomes and likelihood of student success in relation to course curriculum and job-market trends.

  • Be accountable for daily, weekly and monthly activity outcomes.

  • Possess a sincere interest in helping others achieve life/career goals.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Sales Experience - minimum 2 years



  • Commission Based


To Apply:



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